Never mind the Bollocks

this is Café 52’s Mrs B’s Puddings for May!

Internationally famous for her homemade desserts, Mrs B takes great pride in incorporating as much home made produce as possible into the dishes at Cafe 52.

A celebration of homemade deliciousness
£5.90 lunch / £6.90 dinner

Honey, orange and Greek yogurt panna cotta with forest fruits and short bread

Dark chocolate brownie with walnuts*

Far Breton- a custard cake from Brittany with rum soaked prunes*

White chocolate and almond brownie*

Plum and almond cake*

Brioche bread and butter pudding with blueberries*

Ice cream cone with Mrs B’s fabulous homemade pineapple and gooseberry ice-cream

(*Desserts served with cream or ice cream)

…or why not an Affogato?  £6.90
Two scoops of traditional ice cream with shot of espresso and a choice of liquor

Cheese Board
£4.50 per cheese or cheese selection £11.90

Isle of Kintyre Applewood smoked cheddar / Feta / Shropshire blue / Goats cheese / Smoked brie
Served with fruit chutney, olives and crispy bread

Teas for Kings and Queens
Selection of our delicious loose teas £3.70

Camomile infusions – calming and soothing
Earl Grey – delicate and refreshing
Peach tea with flowers – light and refreshing
Japanese cherry – subtle and delicate green tea