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Cafe52 Lunch Menu (Sample Menu)

Soups £5 / Snacks £7  

Cullen skink: Pale smoked haddock, leeks, potatoes and cream

Fresh croissant with chicken, mayonnaise, coriander red onions

Fresh croissant with flaked mackerel, sour cream pickled cucumbers – and fresh lettuce

On Rye:  Cray fish with slow roast red peppers and tzatziki

On Rye: Roasted aubergines with chermoula and mature cheddar cheese

Smoked mackerel pate with toasted ciabatta

Chic pea and coriander houmous with toasted ciabatta

Main Courses £11.00

Café 52 Spanish style Pork sausage, tomato and smoky chorizo casserole

Fillet of seabass, Spanish tomato salad and red pepper chimichurri

Hot smoked mackerel with new potato salad

Buttered smoked herring fillet with cray fish, golden raisin and turtle bean salsa

Open toasted sandwich: Roast aubergine, goat’s cheese, figs and treacle

Normandy chicken stew with fresh tarragon, cider and crème fraiche

Antipasto platter £15.50

A wonderful selection of hand-picked favourites for 2 people to share

Side dishes £3.50

Home-made chips with salt

Crispy parsnips with honey

Deep fried kale with sweet chilli sauce

CAFE52 Evening menu (Sample Menu)

Our home-grown garden herbs have arrived!

Starters £7  

Smoked sprats on rye with sour cream, pickled beetroot and cucumber

Cullen skink with pale smoked haddock, leeks and cream

Farmhouse meatloaf served with toasted ciabatta

Scottish baked black pudding with cassis poached pear

Luxury marinated herring fillet from Ochil foods in Perthshire

Cassis poached pear with Cherry tea-soaked figs

Smoked mackerel pate with toasted ciabatta

Traditional chic pea wild garlic and feta cheese houmous with toasted ciabatta

Main courses £15

Normandy chicken casserole with smoked bacon, leeks, tarragon, basil, cider and crème fraiche

French style braised blade of beef with pork sausages, chorizo, garlic and thyme

Fricassee of oyster mushrooms with white wine, cream and garlic

 Roasted beetroot and griddled courgettes with Strathdon blue cream –

 Katie Roger’s crowdie croissant crouton

Hot smoked herring fillet with Summer salsa (Cray fish, lovage, lemon balm-

 turtle beans, chic pea and -golden raisins

Pan fried sea bass fillet with new potato salad (Green apples, Bowlet mint-  mustard leaf and lime)

Antipasto platter £15.50

A wonderful selection of hand-picked favourites for 2 people to share  

Side orders £3.50

Home-made chips

Fried parsnips with honey and salt       

Buttery new potatoes with fresh lovage

Red cabbage slaw (balsamic, honey and Neale’s herbs)

Beef tomatoes with figs soaked in amaretto

Deep fried kale with sweet chilli sauce

CAFE52 Lunch Tapas (Sample Menu)

Tapas £5 per dish

Chicken breast, white onion, mayonnaise – coriander and fresh lettuce

Flaked mackerel, sour cream and pickled cucumbers

Hot chorizo sausage

Fried halloumi with sweet chilli sauce

Roasted marinated aubergines with chermoula

Chic pea and coriander houmous with toasted ciabatta

Smoked mackerel pate with toasted ciabatta

Warm goat’s cheese with figs

Mini Normandy chicken stew

Mini Spanish style chorizo and pork sausage casserole


Charcuterie/Cheese: £7

Mini charcuterie: Smoked ham, Italian Salami and pastrami

Mini Cheese: Strathdon blue, Isle of Kintyre smoked cheddar, Taleggio


Antipasto platter £15.50

A wonderful selection of hand-picked favourites for 2 people to share

Mrs B’s Puddings


Internationally famous for her homemade desserts, Mrs B takes great pride in incorporating as much home made produce as possible into the dishes at Cafe 52.

A celebration of homemade deliciousness

Lunch £6.50 / Dinner £8.50

Carrot and brandied fruit cake with toffee sauce

Eton mess: Meringues, Chantilly cream and fresh strawberries

Tiramisu- Cream cheese, sponge fingers, espresso and Tia Maria 

Chocolate brownie served with Amarena cherries and cherry sorbet

Rich chocolate and banana cake

Pistachio and rosewater cake

Brioche bread and butter pudding with strawberry jam   

Affogato £7.90

Your choice of liquor with an espresso and vanilla ice cream

Cheeseboard £10.90

   Isle of Kintyre smoked Cheddar, Strathdon blue and Taleggio

Served with toasted ciabatta and a cassis poached pear




Cape Heights Viognier, South Africa, 2020, 12.5% (175ml glass £5.95 / Bottle £22.95)

This sharp, cool and stylish unoaked Viognier is from the Western Cape of South Africa with ripe flavors of peaches, cream, jasmine and white spice Cracking!

Murphy’s Chardonnay, Australia, 2020, 13.5% (175ml glass £5.95 / Bottle £22.95)

A beautifully clean, unoaked Chardonnay from the Big Rivers area on the borders between South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. The warm mild weather helped create this near perfect Chardonnay, with tropical fruits and a long refreshing citrusy finish. I like this a lot!

Les Vingnerons, Vermintino colombard, France, 2020, 12% (175ml glass £6.50 / Bottle £25.00)

Crisp with a fresh floral nose, the pleasant white flower and pear vermentino notes on top of the fresh Gascoigne style colombard fruit makes it very drinkable indeed. ‘A simply beautiful’ wine

Inaba Chenin Blanc, South Africa, Western Cape, 2019, 13% (Bottle £29.50)

Alive and kicking with honeyed pear, honeydew melon and kept in check with the sharpness of red apple. Spot on!


Rose, Big Top, white zinfandel, California, 10 % (glass 175ml £6.50 bottle £29.00)

Easy drinking white zinfandel full of fruit aromas from grapes harvested in California. Light bodies and refreshing, this wine is rich in red berry fruit flavours

Domenico De Bertiol, Prosecco, Italy, 11% (glass £6.90/ bottle £26.50)

So, when you think prosecco, you think sweet, sparkling, but fundamentally one dimensional. Think again. Firstly, this is a Frizzante. Which means semi-sparkling. So very soft, gentle bubbles, second, its an explosion of apple, pear and fresh whipped cream flavours that keep on giving. In other words, its absolutely delicious.


Champagne J-M Gobillard, Brut Tradition, France, 12.5% (£39.00)

Forget the glitz this is has soul. I’ve met the maker and his family and they’re lovely, kind and hospitable people making superb Champagne. This is gentle, elegant, beautifully balanced and harmonised with ripe apple.

Fabulous Spanish Sherries £8.50

Fernando de Castilla, Pedro Ximenez.15% vol

Thick, dark and syrupy with essence of figs and dried fruit

Fernando de Castilla, Ollo Roso. 18% vol

Light, aromatic, mellow bronze colour an served chilled

Don Zoilo, Spanish,19%vol

Sweet cream sherry, a fantastic pre dinner drink!

Magnificent ports £7.00

Taylors Vintage port 2016. 20% vol

Superb with cheese, dark chocolate or berry flavoured desserts.

Krohn, Porto Lagrima, White.20% vol

A fine developed aroma with a floral and fruity character, richness and balance. Serve chilled


Red Wine

Pe Tinto, Portugal, 2021, 13% (175ml glass £5.90 / Bottle £21.90)

Created by an Australian wine maker in the Alentego region of Portugal, Pe Tinto is just ticket with its brambles and blackcurrants in abundance. A must!

Ca’di Ponti Nero D’Avola, Sicily, Italy, 2019, 14% (175ml glass £6.50 / Bottle £25.00)

Volcanic soils and intense sunshine whacking out bundles of black cherries, smoke and plums! Yes please!

Les Oliviers Grenache Noir, Languedoc, France, 2020, 14% (175ml glass £6.95 / Bottle £28.00)

Hitting the nail right on the head this 100% Grenache from the South of France has nuances of strawberries and red cherries.  Its silky soft and splendidly spicy. Don’t just sit there, order a bottle!

Rioja Vega,Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain, 2020, 13.5%  (Bottle £26.00)

I love Spain, I really do. And I really love Rioja. This is one of the wines I had the pleasure of drinking in May 2017 with a group of wonderful people. This Tinto is young, fresh, ripe, loaded with juicy plum and dark cherries very easy to drink!

Chacabuco Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina, 2021 13.5.% (Bottle £29.50)

A nose of plum, damson and black cherry fruit. Smooth, soft tannins, a clean acidity and a hint of spice, just Delicious!!

Santa Alba Carmenere, Curico, Chile, 2019, 13.5% (Bottle £31.00)

With a distinguished history originating in Bordeaux, The Chileans have embraced the Carmenere grape variety that’s characteristics are not dissimilar to Merlot. This is intense, dark, mysterious even, with notes of chocolate, vanilla and bucket loads of brambles. Belter!

Chȃteau Carbonac, Corbiѐres France 2017, 13.5% (Bottle £35.00)

With deep red reflections an intense bouquet distinguished by notes of dark fruit and spices

On the pallet this wine produces wonderful expressions, absolutely fantastic!

Rioja Vega Tempranillo Colleccion, Rioja, Spain, 2019, 14% (Bottle £38.00)

This is outstanding. This is a multi-layered red of heavenly proportions. This is a celebration of quality, class, skill, love and passion that will take you on a trance like journey.  You will not feel in the least bit guilty when you knock your yoga classes on the head and invest in this instead!  And breath….

Beers Ciders & Soft Drinks


Budweiser Budvar 5.0% Vol, 500ml £5.95

A true quality lager from the Czech Republic 

Erdinger, wheat beer 5.3 % Vol 500ml £5.95

Gently spicy, lively and harmonious, every sip leaves you wanting more 

Aecht Schlenterla Rauchbier 5.1% Vol 500ml £6.95

Classic bottom fermented beer with an intense Smokey aroma and flavour. Aecht follows the most ancient brewing and malting traditions. Select barley is malted at the brewery and kilned over fire of Beechwood logs. The smokey malts, finest Bavarian hops and pure water are the only ingredients of this unique beer. Dark “Magic” 

Estrella Damm 4.6% Vol, 330ml £5.00

Refreshing and versatile with a strong hoppy character but no bitter taste an easy drinker!

Corona Extra (Mexico) 4.5% Vol, 330ml £5.50

Trip the `light’ fantastic


Thachers Gold, Summerset cider 4.8% vol, 440ml can £5.00

A cloudy cider crafted with specially selected eaten apples to create a crisp sweet finish. It’s the juice of the Jonagold apple that brings a naturel cloudy appearance to the cider.

Hendry Westons, vintage cider 8.2% vol 500ml £5.60

Crafted from bittersweet apples this vintage cider is slowly matured, spending time in a traditional oak cask which ensures its exceptional taste. Rich and fruity apple cider, smooth, rounded, medium dry to taste.


Fresh orange juice (Tropicana) / Cranberry juice: £2.60

San Pellegrino Limonata (cloudy lemonade) 330ml cans: £2.60

San Pellegrion Aranciata (sparkling orange) 330ml cans: £2.60

Cawston press sparkling cloudy apple 330ml cans: £2.60

Cawston press sparkling Rhubarb and apple 330ml cans: £2.60

Deeside sparkling natural mineral water, 750ml: £4.50

Deeside sparkling natural mineral water 250ml: £2.50

Coca cola 330ml glass bottle: £2.80

Diet coke 330mml glass bottle: £2.80

Old Jamaica ginger beer 330ml can: £ 2.50

Tomato juice: £2.70

Tonic water / slimline tonic £2.50

Rauch fruit juice (originally from Austria, absolutely superb and ultra-tasty)

Pineapple, mango, strawberry, pear £2.70

Lemonade bottle: £2.60

Irn bru bottle: £2.60

Coffee & Teas


Black coffee / Espresso: £2.90

Cappuccino / Latte: £3.50

Mocha: £3.50

Segafredo hot chocolate: £3.50

Double Espresso / Flat white: £4.00


Pot of breakfast tea: £3.50

Fabulous loose tea: £4.70

Fill your pot with a choice of:

Earl Grey / Camomile infusion / Peach with flowers / Japanese cherry green tea

Fresh mint Tea: £4.70